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Kirk Ryde

Screen grab from the short film "A Singularity". Actually I'm freezing. It was mighty cold out there!


Kirk Ryde with cast & crew of Rope Trick

At the Culver City Film Festival for the premiere of "Rope Trick" with some key cast & crew.
L-R: Steve Silverman, John Brainard, Helia Ansari, Kirk Ryde, Pia Lamberg, Thomas Neal.

UPDATE: See "Rope Trick" at the North Hollywood Cinefest 2018!

What Have I Been Up To?

I'm excited that my Kleer Bros. Story to Screen Awards have been included in
the Action On Film MEGAFest 2018! Click on the logos below for more info!

Action On Film MEGAFest Kleer Bros. Story to Screen Awards


Also new in 2018, I recently joined the creative team of DBBZ Epic Minis web series
starring series creator & director Greg Yoder and these fine actors & writers:
Reka Rene, William Patrick Coleman, David Hernandez, Gev Kalian, and more!

Season 2 Episode 2 released on April 1, 2018! Watch it HERE!

DBBZ Epic Minis - A Night of Chaoz